This is a game made in 48 hour for the pizza jam 2019 at https:/

| * | Controls | * |

WASD | Up, Right, Down, and Left

Mouse | Shoot

| * | Jam Theme Reference | * |

Make a game based on the name of one of these level sequences and SAY WHICH ONE IN YOUR DESCRIPTION!

I chose 028, Birth of a God.

Apologies for the fact that you stay in the boss level when you defeat him. I simply ran out of time programming the boss and forgot to create another dialogue scene. This will be fixed at the end of the judging period, so that you can play to the full extent of the game.


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The Birth of a 2 MB


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When you die intuitively it feels like you should rather go to the start of the current difficulty level (like, enemies with weapons or not) so the dialogs represent savepoints.

A revive button looks kind of strange and unintuitive. It looks almost like you have had 3 options and three buttons but they've glitched out.